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T-Amana Construction Company not only specializes in construction and facility management but also engages in purchase and sales activities as part of its overall operations. These activities play a crucial role in acquiring necessary resources and materials for construction projects, as well as in facilitating the sale of completed projects or properties.


T-Amana understands the importance of sourcing high-quality materials, equipment, and services for its construction projects. The company has a dedicated procurement department that collaborates with trusted suppliers and vendors to ensure the timely and efficient acquisition of necessary resources. The procurement team carefully evaluates suppliers based on factors such as reliability, quality, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to sustainability standards. By maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, T-Amana can negotiate favorable terms, secure competitive prices, and access a wide range of construction materials and equipment.

Sales:    Once a construction project is completed, T-Amana actively engages in sales activities to market and sell the properties or structures to potential buyers. The company employs a professional sales team that understands the real estate market and develops effective marketing strategies to showcase the unique features and benefits of the projects. They engage in various sales and marketing channels, including advertising, promotions, partnerships with real estate agents, and online platforms, to reach a wide audience of potential buyers. The sales team liaises with interested parties, conducts property tours, provides detailed information, and negotiates sales agreements to facilitate successful transactions. 

T-Amana Construction Company aims to ensure transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction throughout the purchase and sales process. They adhere to ethical business practices and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements governing procurement and real estate transactions. The company’s commitment to quality construction, attention to detail, and timely delivery of projects enhances the attractiveness of their offerings, contributing to successful sales and customer loyalty.